Running for Regional Office

Each year, the region depends upon the best and brightest degree student leaders across the Ohio Region. Students run for office at the March Ohio Hallmark Convention and their term is completed at the following Ohio Hallmark Convention one year later. Vacancies will be posted in the event of an unelected position after the March convention or an officer resignation. The regional officer application process for interested applicants will open for at least 10 business days. Please see regional officer application process for more information. Vacancies are posted on the regional leadership and our Phi Theta Kappa - Ohio Region facebook page.

Please contact the Ohio Region Vice President, Melissa Miller with any questions about your regional office campaign. Regional Officer campaigning opens in the fall and concludes with elections at the March Hallmark Convention. Want to be included in upcoming regional officer campaign communication? Click here.

Honor Code Form / Officer Team Nomination Form / Officer Application Process / Regional Officer Campaign Guidelines