Regional Officer Application Process

Please contact the Ohio Region Vice President, Melissa Garrett with any questions about your regional office campaign. Regional Officer campaigning opens in the fall and concludes with elections at the March Hallmark Convention. Want to be included in upcoming regional officer campaign communication? Click here.

When a position goes un-elected after the March convention or in the event that a regional officer resigns, a vacancy arises on the team. Applications will be solicited for at least ten business days, with more information posted on the Phi Theta Kappa - Ohio Region facebook page. One student applicant will be appointed by the Ohio Region Coordinator to fulfill the remaining term of office.

The student must:

  1. Be an enrolled student at a college or university with a Phi Theta Kappa chapter for this term and for next school year.
  2. Be a student in good academic standing with their chapter.

The student would in turn earn a $625 total stipend for their leadership to the region. This is a great opportunity for chapters who don't usually attend regional events, but have an interested student who would like to become engaged in our opportunities.

Required events over the next year include:

  1. Ohio Region Officer Retreat (typically late May or early June)
  2. Ohio Honors In Action Conference (typically late July or early August)
  3. Ohio Leadership In Action Conference (typically October)
  4. Ohio Hallmark Convention (typically early March)
  5. 2-4 online meetings per month, to be scheduled by the regional officer team

If you know of any students who would be willing a vacancy, please e-mail the regional coordinator the following:

  1. A 300 word limit essay explaining what Phi Theta Kappa means to them and why they want to become a part of the team.
  2. A resume with key contact information.
  3. Written recommendation letter by chapter advisor noting good standing with the college and endorsing the applicant as a good ambassador for your college/chapter and for our Society (an e-mail from the advisor suffices).
  4. Officer Team Nomination Form, signed by both the student and advisor.

Regional officer leadership is a wonderful opportunity for a motivated student who wants to sharpen their leadership skills and get more involved in Phi Theta Kappa!