Regional Award Guidelines and Criteria

Howdy Bear Award

Howdy Bear was created to recognize and encourage chapters to demonstrate the true Phi Theta Kappa spirit. While the hallmarks are the foundation of Phi Theta Kappa, chapters are awarded Howdy Bear on the virtue of their implementation of the hallmarks encourgaging them to strive for excellence at all times.

1. District Representatives:

  • a. Nominate chapter who excels in each district - Chapter must be in attendance at conference.
  • b. Watch those chapters throughout the day.
  • c. Select chapter the best demonstrates Phi Theta Kappa spirit.
  • d. In case of a tie, the Regional Vice President will break the tie.

2. Guidelines:

Chapters can only be selected to host Howdy Bear once every two years.

  • Have members/officers of this chapter established a working relationship with their district representative?
  • Has this chapter progressed its Five Star Chapter Development Plan rating?
  • Has this chapter reached to increase membership acceptance?
  • Is this chapter engaged in Society programming (ie College Fish profile completion, C4, Competitive Edge, and Hallmarks)?
  • Is this chapter engaged with the Ohio Region?

Most Valuable Member Award

The most valuable member award was developed to recognize and encourage chapters to nominate a member of their chapter who demonstrates true Phi Theta Kappa spirit. In effect, this would be a chapter member who continually contributes to the chapter's success and is not an officer of the chapter or the region.

Nomination Process: Chapters may submit one or two paragraphs describing the member's contributions to the chapter. Nominations mush be submitted to the District Representative prior to each regional conference/convention.

  1. Honors In Action Conference (summer)
  2. Leadership In Action Conference (fall)
  3. Ohio Region Awards Convention (spring)

Nominated member MUST be present at the regional function to be eligible.

Dirstict Representatives will select the finalists and the over-all winner.

In case of a tie, the Regional Vice President shall break the tie.