Ohio Scholarship Guidelines

Late or incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Applicants who do not meet the entry criteria for the scholarship category will be disqualified.

Scholarship essays must be submitted with a completed 2019 Ohio Scholarship Application Form.

Students may enter and win multiple categories, as each essay competition is unique and requires tremendous effort to be competitive.

Students may NOT enter scholarship categories for which they have previously won. However, they may re-enter scholarship categories for which they have not previously won with a new essay.

ALL Phi Theta Kappans are eligible for scholarships unless specific criteria is stated for the scholarship.

Edit your essays! Excellent content is often not selected as the winning essay due to poor formatting, grammatical & spelling errors, and typos. Use the rubric as your guide.

Phi Theta Kappans encourage Phi Theta Kappans to apply for Ohio Scholarships. Let’s not let a category go without a winner in 2019!