Ohio Scholarship FAQ

How do I submit my scholarship?

Be sure you meet with your chapter advisor prior to submitting your application to sign off on your 2018 Ohio Scholarship Application Form. Scan and upload your application form and essay in an email. Send the completed application form as a .pdf and each essay in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt it to Regional Coordinator Julie Cohara at cohara@ohio.edu. Applications without the advisor’s signature and required documentation will be disqualified.

When are scholarships awarded?

The 2018 Ohio Region Scholarships will be awarded at the Ohio Hallmark Convention on March 24, 2018 at West Virginia Northern Community College in Wheeling, West Virginia. The Ohio Golden Opportunity Scholarships will be awarded within two weeks after the deadline so that the individual may officially join Phi Theta Kappa and register for the Hallmark Convention. Checks for the scholarships will be mailed the following week after convention from headquarters to the student. Please be sure your correct mailing address is on your application.

Who is on the Judging Panel?

The Ohio Scholarship Judging Panel consists of five Ohio Region alumni reviewers (not all 8 are members of Alpha of Ohio) and an independent reviewer (typically a regional coordinator from another region). Julie Cohara and Brandon Cornute (president of Alpha of Ohio) meet to organize applications and (given time and resources) aim to redact identifying information from a student’s application before shipping blind applications to the judging panel the day after the deadline. As of 2018, judges are recused from categories in which a student from their chapter is applying.

Judges for the Ohio Golden Opportunity Scholarship may not be a full judging panel stated above