Letter to Advisors

Picture of Julie Cohara

Dear Ohio Region Advisor,

Thank you for your time, dedication, and energy to advising Phi Theta Kappans on your campus. The Ohio Region exists as an additional resource within Phi Theta Kappa to engage your students in scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship opportunities our Society provides.

The Ohio Region meets four times a year. Once during the International Convention and three times a year in Ohio for the Honors In Action Conference (July/August), Leadership In Action Conference (Fall), and Ohio Hallmark Awards Convention (March). We encourage you to always send at least one student to represent your chapter at these events.

We also offer several local scholarships for our students- some of which are funded through the sale of our Ohio Phi Theta Kappa License Plate. You can learn more about our region by liking “Ohio Region- Phi Theta Kappa” on facebook and exploring this website. If you’re a registered advisor with headquarters, I’ll also send you monthly advising updates for upcoming events, opportunities, and celebrations.

Please encourage your students (especially your chapter officers) to build a relationship with your student district representative to become aware of and engaged in Phi Theta Kappa opportunities and scholarships.

We’re glad you’re part of our Ohio Region! I look forward to working with you.


Julie Cohara
Ohio Region Coordinator